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What is Technical FX?

Technical FX Academy has been developed by our team of traders and mentors with years of professional and hands-on expertise in order to provide our students with skills and knowledge for Swing Trading, Day Trading, Cryptocurrencies and Personal Development.

Our academy consists of FOUR vital cores to the modern trading world and our endeavours are to make sure we give you all the necessary assistance in studying these cores and putting them into action.

Our courses are delivered in both written and video formats in order to give our students the best learning experience through groundbreaking technology and our platform. Our team of traders and mentors are available to give support and assistance at any point and direct you towards a successful path.

Technical FX teaches you the fundamentals of the Art of Technical Analysis and how to apply the acquired skills to Swing Trading and Day Trading, making you a high-quality and skilled trader, maximising your potential in the market and in terms of profits as well.

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