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Welcome to the Technical FX Members Area.

Within our members area we provide detailed up to date analysis breaking down a range of currency pairs from the Monthly-Weekly-Daily timeframes.

Our members have access to our students and members webinar calendar and are able to join our webinars for students and members. We also included in this fantastic value for money package, 1 full lesson taken from the TFX Academy, going into detail on the importance of psychology in trading. Maybe more important than the trading itself…psychology can very well be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful trader.

You can receive further information by requesting our online services information pack on our home page.


This is where the action happens…we use the daily timeframe to find valid trade setups as well as execute them on the candle close based on price action. Once we have analysed the monthly and weekly timeframes we can keep our charts on the daily timeframe to check each day what has happened in the market and wait for trading opportunities around our key areas.


Weekly charts enable us to gather a closer look into where price may be heading to next on a shorter term basis, we can look for trend lines and fibonacci levels as well as highlighting more support and resistance levels on this timeframe. This timeframe can help us look for trades to take the following week depending on price action.


Looking at the monthly charts and analysing them helps to give us a long term perspective of where price has been in the past and where it may go in the future, its a very important timeframe as this is where we find our major support and resistance zones as well as possibly giving us a long term trend bias.


Within our Members area we also provide a private news feed, which the Technical FX Team keep up to date through the week .

What does Technical FX News Feed offer?

We provide many posts each week, which will be very informative to you. We will post analysis updates, students analysis, website updates, blog updates, members area updates, motivation, trading reminders, fundamental reminders and much more.

You are also able to comment and the only other people able to view this, are our fellow students and members.


Within our members area we have VIP Contact that allows our members to contact the Technical FX Team with any questions they have.

Our Member’s area is a Monthly fee of £14.99.

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