Overthinking May Be Destroying Your Goals

Overthinking is very common in today’s society. With all the external influences, constantly tapping into our both conscious and subconscious minds, we often find ourselves overthinking about our future.

“What am I going to do in the future?”

“What career should I choose?”

“How am I going to live?”

Perhaps, some of you have come across the questions of similar nature at some point in your life and it’s completely normal. There’s nothing wrong in raising questions like these to yourself. The problem rises, when you allow these questions to dictate your life, mood and your behaviours. When you start overthinking, you instantly forfeit to anxiety, doubt, fear, confusion, lack of motivation and other negative emotions that might creep in.

Overthinking can become chronic, which occurs regularly, for some it can occur every day. If you’re reading these words and can perhaps relate to your own life, maybe you need to start taking control over your life and start living. Overthinking brings nothing but negativity over your life and I will explain it from another perspective.

What Are The Signs Of Overthinking?


Overthinking can often invoke symptoms of insomnia or other similar symptoms, usually significantly affecting your sleep. It feels like you just can’t flip the switch and shut your mind off, it constantly keeps you up at night. If you’re suffering from insomnia, overthinking could be one of the causes.

You often rely on recreational use of drugs and alcohol

Drugs and alcohol are great mind-suppressors and some people can only find peace or ‘flip the switch’ to shut the mind off, when they ingest drugs and alcohol. Because, you can’t calm yourself down and stop overthinking naturally, you often rely on drugs and alcohol to do the job. This often leads to addictions and over-consumption of such substances, which can be detrimental to your goals, relationships, health and yourself.


Perfectionism is very common in today’s society and some people actually see the only way of the outcome only if it turns out ‘perfect’. Perfectionism can lead to procrastination, lack of motivation and ‘self-paralysis’ when you can’t live up to your own standards and often quit pursuing your goals. Having the standards too high for yourself can be very exhausting and a fear of failure is something that reinforces that stress even more. If you only see the outcome as ‘perfect’, maybe you’re overthinking too much.

Fear of the future

You often find yourself anxious and depressed about your own future, having no clear goals and aspirations. Fear of your future can send you straight into abyss, where nothing escapes, even the light itself. This often leads you to stress and deep depression.

You always want to be in control

Fear of losing power and control over your life, relationships, job and other achievements can bring a lot of stress and anxiety. People who are afraid of losing power and control, often act in a tyrannical manner, often leading to an outcome that does not enhance their life.

You don’t trust yourself

Putting other people’s opinions over your own and believing in other people more than you believe in yourself often makes you rely on other people more. People always come and go and if you weren’t able to make decisions in your life and be responsible, this can bring a lot of negative aspects in your life. You often think that you’re not good enough, your opinions are invalid, your words might offend others and cause arguments is a cause of overthinking.

How To Overcome Overthinking

Start trusting yourself more

You need to understand that you can finding inner peace comes from within. Once you start taking responsibility over your life, making decisions and telling the truth, your quality of life will improve greatly. Regardless, whether your opinions might clash with other people’s opinions. In the pursuit of truth, these clashes are necessary because the truth is always hidden somewhere in between the lines. Don’t be afraid of expressing yourself, because you definitely have a story to tell. Trust yourself.

The future is what you create it to be

Fearing the future takes you nowhere. You already came this far in life, why should it end now or at any point in the future? If your life has been progressing so far, the momentum should only increase as a ‘domino effect’ and bring you even more prosperity. Shut the ‘monkey mind’ off and observe yourself. Your future will depend on the choices you make right now and if you can’t stop overthinking, you won’t be able to make conscious decisions. The future is bright if you perceive it in such way. Also, your future can be doomed if it’s that’s your perception also. It depends on the perception at the end of the day.

Flow like water

In life, you often face the outcomes that can’t be predicted. Sometimes, your life can change dramatically, even over night. You never know what changes you can attract in your life but you must always be prepared for it. ‘Flowing like water’ allows you to be fluid and quickly adapt to the situations the life throws at you. Being ‘formless’ makes you get rid of the old thinking patterns and adapt new ones, then use them in different situations in life when necessary. Embrace the open mind and quit the old thinking patterns. You haven’t been living your life for the past 5 years. If you observe it carefully, you can see that not only your body has changed, but perhaps your mindset, energy levels and perception of life has changed too.

Practice makes perfect

Don’t have the the mindset of perfection. Perfection can only be achieved through the hours of studying, use of skill and endurance. Start small and at your best capacity and over time, through practice you will be able to achieve higher standards, leading to perfection. You must understand that the standards of perfection are always changing, so each time you challenge yourself and endure practice, the higher you’re able to raise the bar for yourself. Practice more and quit overthinking about the ‘perfect start’.

Look after your own health

Your health is your biggest wealth. If you rely too much on recreational use of drugs and alcohol, that doesn’t enrich your mindset and soul at any level. That only suppresses the functionality of your body and your mind. Start eating healthier foods, quit over-consumption of sugar and stimulants, reduce the drug use and start meditating more, being conscious about your goals and aspirations. The moment you start looking after your body, it will start looking after you. Your both physical and mental health are highly correlated, one always fulfils another.

Go Out There And Elevate

Leaving all the influence of parents, family, friends, teachers, society and social media behind, go out there and trust your gut instinct. Do something that you feel like doing. You can always attract the things you desire, by doing the things you enjoy. Living a happy and fulfilling life is what will bring you a sense of purpose and clarity to your goals.

Quit the illusion that you always have to live up to someone else’s standards. Always living under pressure and living up to expectations brings depression and it’s a clear sign for that, since the evidence shows that depression in the western world is soaring dramatically.

You can stop overthinking by staying active. Engage your mind into doing something else. You can start doing sports, martial arts, painting, music or other performing arts. Do something that takes your attention away from the left brain (analytical) to the right brain (artistic). Because the balance always exists between the two polarities, you need to engage both, your right and your left brain.

Go out there, elevate and become the best version of yourself. Identify the moments when you’re overthinking and turn it into positivity. Don’t surrender to the pressure and construct your life the way you want it to be. You definitely possess that power within you.



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