The Technicalfx team have made a straight forward and effective course that I would recommend to anyone no matter what stage you are on your trading journey. They provide a huge amount of support and aftercare. Highly recommended.

-Vik R

Technical FX are the real deal! Before their course, my trading plan was all over the place. The course is digestible, well thought out and thorough. I have taken key learnings from the course and adapted it to my own style of trading. Their guide to top down analysis has been especially beneficial to me as well as learning the art of patience! This is vital trait every trader must have, especially swing traders, taking only quality, high probability trades is vital to trading success! The guys on the team (special shout out to Tom) are always happy to help and always respond to my questions really quickly. They are dedicated to helping people on their trading journey and are genuine, positive, knowledgeable traders.

Thank you Technical FX, keep up the amazing work! 



“Before i became a TFX member i was skeptical about any online course as there is many fraudulent company. But as time went by i realised TFX was the one for me as they covered every topic on forex from technical analysis , risk management and psychology aspect etc. I am very happy to be a student and the support received from them is phenomenal, Also Daily updates and video lessons also helps.

Overall they offer a great content and genuinely want to help students grow and help to develop you weather you are a beginner or already a trader this is for you.”

– Moses Shinkaiye


“The best investment I have ever made. Resources and knowledge provided on a daily basis has enhanced my skills as a trader. I feel lot more confident with my trade and the skills taught are easy to understand.  The Weekley chart breakdown they provide is brilliant highlighting all key levels which all could be incorporated within you’re own trading strategy. To make you a better trader the fx team also are happy to critique your charts anytime you want just to develop you as a trader. Looking to be part of this academy for many years to come.!”
– Tariq

“I joined the Technical FX team to gain more knowledge of the forex market. They have been really helpful and very quick to respond whenever I had any questions. This course has transformed the way I trade and has made me really understand what trading is about. The lessons were also very simple to understand.”

– Harry Vanderpuye


“I’m extremely happy to be able to be a part of TFX. As a student, I feel that I’m in the good hands. Every single lesson is so easy to understand, even if it’s advanced technical stuff. TFX team is amazingly supportive and helpful. After watching many different courses, I found it. TFX. After the lessons, you actually know what you are looking for on the charts. I’m getting better every single day and I’m super happy to be with TFX. Thank you guys. I hope a lot more is coming and TFX will become the biggest forex education service worldwide!”

– Matas Šaučiūnas


“Last month I won a competition held by the TechnicalFX team, which granted me access to their members area. Being able to view their charts & how they analysis has given me a greater understanding of the markets. Aswell as great analysis I also received impeccable support. I feel so much more confident in my trading. I’d like to say a big thank you to the TechnicalFX team!!”

– Charles Oliseneku


“I joined TechnicalFX in May, I couldn’t more happier with the TFX team!The course is so well done , it goes into great detail with the technical side of forex and very easy to understand. The TFX team are very supportive and very helpful with my trading! I would recommend technicalFX very highly!”

– Rod Harries


“I joined TFX after a recommendation by a highly successful trader as a way to enhance my understanding of the forex market, I’d had prior exposure to the market by other forex providers but somehow I was left wanting, I always felt like they always rushed the courses, kinda like their hearts weren’t into the teaching but really fleecing potential students of the market, after I joined TFX, I immediately noticed the differences btn their course and other course providers like them.

The course is structured in a way that makes it easy for even the very novices amongst us to grasp what the forex market is all about, from the basics to really advanced technicalities, it’s all covered. Their approach to providing this tuition is nothing I’ve personally come across, they’re very professional, approachable and really dedicated to this craft. From the very outset to the way everything has been implemented you really get the feeling that this is a serious approach to teaching this craft, they’ve really thought about and covered every single aspect you need to know and learn about this market.

There are a bunch of scum companies out there, when I say scum, I mean it in a sense that you will go for one of those day fx courses and after the prerequisite 8 hours with a glossy print-out in hand, you’ll immediately be told that you are ready to trade the vey next day lol – mid way through the TechincalFX course, you’ll draw comparisons and realise how little you actually know about the forex market from those day courses.

If you’re serious about learning the markets, then this course is the best education you’ll find at a cost effective price in comparison to similar courses out there. The platform is easy to navigate, user friendly and not drowned out by so much text in a way that is off-putting. The TFX team is always on hand to answer any questions you may have using any platform you prefer since they are socially active as well.

Disclaimer – I’m a current student of the academy so I’m writing from a privileged point with hindsight since I joining in May 2016.

Apologies for the long review lol, I wish you the very best on your journey if you so choose to embark on it.”



“Joined the TFX Academy 1 week ago and I studied hard 1 week and now I know so much about the Foregin Exchange Market, and about the charts and everything a trader needs to know! I highly recommend the Academy for everyone who want to go their own way and start trading.”

– Christoffer Salomonsen