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Hello TFX followers and members! Matioga here writing from the Nice, France airport. It was a great weekend trip to refresh my mind and now on the way back. So while waiting for a flight let’s talk about trading sessions and chart time.

So as a full time trader, I’m mostly focusing on London session. But let me give you key points as I always do to trading sessions:

  • I usually like to start looking for a potential setups and entries 30min before London session as this time is usually quite volatile.
  • I’m also taking a close attention to New York opening. Not only FX but I also check stock and indices markets opening.
  • Last key time I have to check is US close and Asian opening. Usually it’s a pullback session so I let my charts to do what they need to do without getting involved too much.

I don’t like to sit in front of the charts often because I then starting to find excuses why this entry was bad or why I shouldn’t enter the market at all. If the setup fits my plan, I go for it. I also like keeping my charts extremely clean and simple.

Have a great week ahead, wishing you all the best!

Matioga from Technical FX


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  1. Dayan K says:

    Insightful article, thanks!

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